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  • Genre: Rock, Alternative, Hip Hop/Rap, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Funk Metal, Grunge, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Metal, Post Grunge, Rap Rock


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Alice In Chains - The One You Know (Official Video)

  • Alice In Chains - The One You Know (Official Video)
  • Alice In Chains - The Nona Tapes
  • Alice In Chains - Voices
  • Alice In Chains - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here (Explicit)
  • Alice In Chains - Voices (Lyric Video)
  • Alice In Chains - Stone

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  • Jesse
    Jesse reviewed: Alice in Chains

    left some words with slipknot and stone sour yesterday, Mr. seguay. ahm Take her out is for her in short and gives context to the flighty (let the sun never blind your eyes perma tweek). Also when listen to black gives way to blue (albumn) thought. If was my album Private h*ll is ours, right we right alot of stuff like LIKE WOULD ALL OF IT FUN ALL OF IT FOR US; some things we write for ourself; black gives way to blue or your decision; me gusta PRIVATE h*ll. (flatliners kind of a school yard nursury rhyme; definitely dark something, not comedy, thanks again you guys. email a high to someone who betrayed his first Pearl Jam for the fire of AIC. I won't email back,

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  • Jesse
    Jesse reviewed: Alice in Chains

    JERRY CANTRELL MEET BUDDA is actuall for another time Yo; Check my Brain; I can hear you brother s. listening right now on my philips MP3. There it is; LOOKING IN VEIW; TO LONG ON THE OUTSIDE; DESPERATE PLANS MAKE SENSE IN A LOW LIFE; trick of the trade? Took a trip to seattle 6 1/2 years ago. I guess that d*mn black guy beat me again? kidding. Ah, blacks and mexicans their taking over the world. kidding. Ezeoku, (nigerian) Shinjitsu (japanese), only mentioned; her smiles are the cause. Man f*ck Lane; kidding. And who the h*ll is dave; d*mn there are like 4 no 5 as matter of. Yesterday p*ss*ng and moaning with itunes; play everday, for moral, its all we'll have in a terminators future. Man ya'll f*ck*ng ROCK

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  • Jesse
    Jesse reviewed: Alice in Chains

    well I gotta tell first I'd be sure of myself, because the person who wrote is seriously dangerous" (Fight Club) ah now we're psychadelic, lane was, the sh*t..YEAH" Its hard to start things over. I came because, to say Hello, and to remind myself not to get mad" actually, I say he's very adequate (the new guy) Mrs. Mad you've found yourself in the wrong place, and AIC in Seattle Washington is realizing a dream that was alive in 93, miss you lane...Jerry! On six string" Looking for your first name may have saved my life in 96; maybe we hide what we cherish, miss you again.

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  • Paul
    Paul reviewed: Alice in Chains

    Seeing Alice in Chains 3 or 4 times over the last couple of years, Jerry Cantrel is AIC. His vocals and guitar playing is very uniqe. We all miss Lane, but you won't in concert. Great show.

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  • chasidy
    chasidy reviewed: Alice in Chains

    the old singer was way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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