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Kree Harrison - Room Full Of Roses - 3/1/2010

  • Kree Harrison - Room Full Of Roses - 3/1/2010
  • Candice Glover - The Prayer - Wedding Ceremony
  • Angie Miller Auditions - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12

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  • Carol
    Carol reviewed: American Idols Live 2013 @ EagleBank Arena

    My daughter and I went to the concert last night and thought it was great...very exciting to actually see the idols live.... If only we could have heard them better. The band,especially the drummer , was sooo loud we could barely here the singers--- the back-up singers' voices were basically non-existent. We did NOT come to hear a ROCK BAND, we did want to hear the GREAT Idol voices in addition to the guitar and piano songs played by Angie and Janelle. How beautiful they would have been without the loud drum and cymbals. May I suggest that the band play out in the parking lot during subsequent concerts--- at least tone down everything but the singers. This must be a huge strain on the Idols' voices, having to sing over the band night after night. Sincerely, A DISGRUNTLED IDOL FAN

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  • Mary
    Mary reviewed: American Idols Live 2013

    Candice was the winner, I don't care what anyone says...that being said, when you put out the "studio albums" they are not the "songs" that we voted for i.e. "you've changed" have a different version and it does NOT sound anything like it did on the show...STOP IT....Adam Lambert was the lucky one, he lost to that kris kid and his career has gone far above and beyond his own expectations...American Idol has way too much control over what the singers have to sing on their albums...I was prepared to buy Candice's album and now I am going to keep them on my computer and TV where they sound sensational... CONTROL being the key operative word in this conversation....and from what I understand they obligated to "Idol" for way too many years... Jennifer Hudson lost and look at her career...straight to the fact she and Candice should put out a single for the song that they sang together, it was fabulous... Bottom line. "Idol" is no longer going to be watched by me any longer and the last night to vote, I voted for 4 hours with 2 phones in my hands, landline and cell phone.... You at "Idol" are really making a downward turn and I wish that Simon Cowell had stayed on as a have gone downhill ever since he left...YOUR BAD...

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  • Linda
    Linda reviewed: American Idols Live 2013

    We all know that over the past years, if the contestant was a guy with dreamy eyes, or gorgeous hair, or just over-all good looking, America was gonna vote for him until it became ridiculously obvious. It didn't matter if he was the best singer or not. We all know that if anyone got overly criticized or if someone got their feelings hurt...they got the pity votes. We all know that with such great talent, its gonna become a popularity contest as well as a singing contest. But this year, 2013, America got it right, because of over whelming evidence of not just a voice, but the ability to express herself in the most pleasant lyrical and unique way! Candice is a STAR!!! CANDICE WON BECAUSE SHE OUT-SANG THEM ALL! PURE TALENT, BABY!!

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  • Linda
    Linda reviewed: American Idols Live 2013

    There have been so many contestants that should have won but did not because of the choices made by whoever... But this year, the person who should have won did just that! Candice won because she DESERVED to win, period. With her natural born talent, she was able to make every song she sang brand new. The judges couldn't help themselves...they were so impressed with Candice, just like everybody else. Don't try to diminish her prize. It only makes you bad.

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  • Linda
    Linda reviewed: American Idols Live 2013


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