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Thirst48's Crucible Highlights: what a piece!

  • Thirst48's Crucible Highlights: what a piece!
  • Boogie | Oh My (Official Video)
  • Boogie Freestyle on Sway in the Morning Shade 45
  • RNGesus be Praised!!
  • Epic Crota's End Raid Fail/Win
  • Dark Below: Fist of Crota; unlocking the secrets of the hive
  • Boogie | Bitter Raps (Official Video)
  • Vault of Glass Highlights: Cross mapping-teleport stopping fun!
  • One Hand grab with Dwayne Allen
  • Boogie | Let Me Rap
  • Boogie | Do It Like We
  • Thirst and Friends; BO2 Zombies w Knifeslinger and Android Pt. 2
  • Thirst and Friends; Origins w Brexican and Lobstercortex Pt. 1
  • Cod Ghosts MP Thirst 48
  • Thirst 48 intro video



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