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Pala Alpitour
Corso Sebastopoli 123
Turino, 10134, IT
Fri, Sep 04, 2015

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Pala Alpitour

Corso Sebastopoli 123

Turino, 10134, IT

+39 011 6164543

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Upcoming Concerts at Pala Alpitour

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Anna reviewed U2
U2's latest performance was a cover of Aslan's "This Is" from last Friday night. The song has gone #1 in IE now and maybe other places. U2's version was flawless, beautiful, and performed with the swagger they reserve for their own tunes! They willbe around in 2014 & 2015....don't miss them!! There is no better band live (or period for me) than U2. ♫♩♪
Charles reviewed U2
My Daughter told the Bar Tender that her Dad likes U2 and the Bar Tender says me? Well we got that straight, it doesn't go un-noticed that you donate some of your treasures to Russian Orphanages and such. I have a few albums, but your video while in Sydney captured me whole heartedly. You are caught between the baby boomers and the next generation, but both groups love your work. You pay attention to every detail of your rock band. If you ever come back to the States, I'll put you up in a place to your suiting. You always sell out, and that should make you proud, it does me. Charles Lilly
Thrillcall reviewed U2 at Oakland Coliseum
It’s hard to imagine anything more uplifting and soul-shaking than a humanitarian-rockstar, but when you add 30 years of longevity, (and a voice that is just too legit to quit), evolving hearts full of passion for current events, education, and peace… yeah. Okay. Breeeeathe. It is no wonder the Oakland Coliseum became a Mecca for U2 360° tour lovers, literally a musical pilgrimage, many (including myself) waiting hours on the 880 freeway just to get into the parking lot. Side note: If you live in the Bay Area and plan on going to a gigantic show like U2 at the Coliseum, take BART! Please, I beg of you, learn my lesson! (read the full review here: http://bit.ly/lfvmg6)
Jonathan reviewed U2 at Oakland Coliseum
I have seen U2 a couple of times including their last show at Oracle. These guys rock the house. Without a doubt one of the best live bands, especially in a big venue. I cannot wait for the Oakland Coliseum show.
Angela reviewed U2 at Raymond James Stadium
The all encompassing experience of attending U-2's 360 degree concert extravaganza is difficult to put into words. Exhilaration in being part of something that is it's own living, breathing, beating organism, is probably how I can best describe it. The spaceship stage structure is incredible to view. I did purchase the Rose Bowl, CA concert DVD, and thoroughly relish viewing it and reliving my experience at the Florida concert. It was a night I will never forget!