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Boys Like Girls

Webster Hall
Fri, Sep 04, 2015

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kaitlin reviewed Boys Like Girls
OMG I am your number one fan i love you guys more than anything in the world i live in atlanta and i havnt goten to see a show yet so so so sad about that but i watch all of you u concerts on utube your so amazing matter of fact i just got done watching your show in grand rapids michigan at the new years eve circle it was so great you guys were truly the best ones out there! OH and im singing two is better than one in my school talent show can`t wait! AND I AM SO GOING 2 EVERY CONCERT THAT YOU HAVE IN THE ATL THIS NO MORE MISSING YOUR 2 AMAZING I WILL TAKE ANY CHANCE I GET TO SEE YOU LIVE AND MEET YOU GUYS LOVE YOU PAUL AND MARTIN SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!! WITH ALL MY HEART AND YOU TWO BRYAN AND JOHN LONG LIVE BLG MY FAVORITE BAND IN THE WHOLE INTIRE WORLD LOVE YOU GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: (: (: yours truly kaitlin YOUR NUMBER 1 # BIGGEST FAN OF ALL TIME!
Tyrik reviewed Boys Like Girls
watz up guys this is your #1 fan i sing sum of ur songs with my old frenz like thunder, hero/heroine ,love drunk, heels over head, two is better than one,shes got a boyfriend,the great escape and more my phone number is 508-674-2647 and i was wondering maybe if i could meet you guys well cya later and keep on rock in u 2 martin from Tyrik.S
BDOOEYLOVER reviewed Boys Like Girls
I definately agree with the review below me. I have seen them multiple times, and it is always an amazing performance. i caught a guitar pic. They throw out so much stuff and keep everyone moving. Their music is amazing. Give them your support! They definately deserve it.
bur reviewed Boys Like Girls
I definately recommend seeing Boys Like Girls if they are in a city near you. They are such good guys. They really truly care about their fans. Their music is very good and written from the heart by the lead singer, Martin Johnson. They are very real, and very good at what they do. I guarantee that if you go, you will always remember their performance. Everyone can relate to their songs in one way or another. SEE THEM! Like seriously, go see them, like as soon as possible. =]