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Linkin Park

Jämsä, Finland
Mon, Aug 31, 2015

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allen reviewed Linkin Park
hey mike chester& phoenix dont forget auditoruim harisson altamont ks see yah
allen reviewed Linkin Park
my name is aj i have to invite you guys to the harisson gymnasuim and auditoruim in altamont Ks
you guys are my heros you should come to Charlston,WV. bye
Carly reviewed Linkin Park
Hey Chester& Mike you guys should come and do a show in Orlando, Florida. You guys are my favorite band. And if yall's band didn't exist I would never be able to go to a concert. And a pretty nice place is the Wyndham Resort. (I forgot how to spell the resorts name woops!!! =>) But if you can Email me at I can tell you alot about that place. So feel free to Email me and you can get in on the details!!!
Thuan reviewed Linkin Park
I lov u guys so much my crazy self got a tattoo of 1 of your signs from 1 of your album covers & if u ever come out to Boston u guys are going to b my first concert I know u have heard this but u are all Great your songs have real meaning to it hope to hear u & see u guys