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Earth Wind and Fire

Xfinity Center
885 S Main St
Mansfield, MA, 02048, US
Sun, Aug 30, 2015

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Xfinity Center

885 S Main St

Mansfield, MA, 02048, US

+1(508) 339-2331

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Melinda reviewed Earth Wind and Fire
My beautiful daughter Jasmine flew me to Georgia from Arizona to spend the weekend with her n my 2 granddaughters. Then she gave me the surprise of a lifetime, front row seats to EWF! It was truly the GREATEST concert I have ever been to. I've been a fan since the beginning and my daughter Jasmine grew up listening to them,and is as big a fan as me. The show was AWESOME and we danced the whole show, not sitting down once. Thank you EARTH WIND & FIRE for giving me a FANTASTIC night with my BEAUTIFUL daughter Jasmine. Your concert was the cherry on top of a AMAZING weekend with my GORGEOUS daughter Jasmine and my 2 SWEETHEART granddaughters. SINCERELY A BIGGEST FAN, Melinda from Arizona
Martha reviewed Earth Wind and Fire
I am so BUMMED that EW
Kathleen reviewed Earth Wind and Fire
This was possibly the best concert I have ever seen! Both groups were on stage together to start, and they were AMAZING! They also finished together, and what a concert it was!!! I would go again if possible!!!!