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Van Halen

Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center
12880 East 146th Street
Noblesville, IN, 46060, US
Wed, Sep 02, 2015

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Brian reviewed Van Halen
I saw van Halen show back in 2011 Tacoma Washington David Lee Roth cant hit high notes and is getting older maybe it's time to retire Eddie Van Halen was awesome you sounded great the sound man for that show was horrible music was too loud and you could not hardly hear the vocals
Danny reviewed Van Halen
I was at Six Flags and just finnished another udefeated soccer season(Rider Raiders Wichita Falls,Tx.)I ran in to Eddy and Valleri before the show and was supprised as h*ll.I cant really remember alot of the show,but I do remember getting plastered and missing our bus.Eddy is an inspiration and really fun to party with.I also remember taking one of Valleri's shoes off and kissing her foot.(Bacardi 151 bravery.)
Kelli reviewed Van Halen
To date my only live performace wad in lubock tx n 78 or 70 . I wad cocktail waitress at hooliday inn and served them. They had finished their show and came to lounge to unwind.. I hope c a show n near future. Wow!! C ashow .. ou for all contribution to music and art ..
Andrew reviewed Van Halen at American Airlines Center
Band sounded great musically. Eddie didn't miss a note. I was even surprised at how well the backing vocals sounded this time around. HOWEVER....DLR sounded just awful. I like the guy, but it was a struggle for me to actually enjoy the show due to his lack of interest in actually singing the songs. I don't mind some embellishment from time to time... but to just skip words constantly and sing with different inflections constantly drove me nuts (not to mention the drum major act). I understand he can't do it like he did back in 81... but just don't do it if you can't perform something at least similar. I really don't think I'll go again. Never dreamed I'd say that...I love VH and will continue to. I do like the new album...just not DLR live.
Donn reviewed Van Halen
The VAN HALEN show/concert was amazing I have loved VAN HALEN since I was 14 Dave is my favorite frontman of all time!!!!Love love love that Wolfie is on bass the chemistry in the band is flawless!LOVED IT VAN HALEN ROCKS!BEST ROCK BAND OF ALL TIME!