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Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Kelly Dr and Spring Garden St
Philadelphia, PA, 19101, US
Sat, Sep 05, 2015

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Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Kelly Dr and Spring Garden St

Philadelphia, PA, 19101, US

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Tyrrea reviewed Beyonce
Beyoncé, every grand parent should have at least one set of twins. You and JayZ are giving your parents the best gift that you any parent. Individual and single grand children are just as great and blessings too. Twins it's a great experience just watching how close they are and how aware they are if one is not present. They know when the other has been pick up early from day care due to illness without seeing that the other has left. Try not missing out they are so different and very caring towards each other. I'm hoping for two very healthy girls especially seeing how beautiful Blue is and how much You and JayZ love her. I can see that love between all 3 of you in all and everything. Congratulations and Many Blessings with the birth of baby Blues new baby twins. Blue is going to be a very good big sister
jenet reviewed Beyonce
Beyoncé has the most best performance ever im her #1 fan
Johnnie reviewed Beyonce
Hello lady b I would love to see you perform in Sacramento calif,I have never seen you perform I believe your about the best female artist in my life that keep life so real I would love to be a fan I think your bad just like your baby picture says your bless and your just so great in what ever you do I was born in Waco t but I don't know much about tx I would love to go to at least 1 show in my life time ,keep up the good work just love you as a dear sister god bless
Rachelle reviewed Beyonce
Hello Beyonce, my name is Rachelle Neal. I'm not only one of your biggest fans, but my daughter is also. Not only are we fans, we're family. I missed seeing you at one of the family reunions. We're on the Moore side of the family. Believe it or not, my daughter and I attended your uncle's funeral here in Birmingham. It was a sad event, but the white horse was a nice touch. Come to find out, Aleria Foster is my best friend and cousin too.We found out we were all in the family circle. But, I can go on and on. My daughter's 14th birthday is July 11 2013, and I would love for her to meet you. My boys have a crush on you, but I told them you were family. If you happen to read this, my daughter's name is Tas'ja Neal and she attends Green Acres Middle school. My email is We would love to hear from you, as well as meet you. None of her friends believe we are distant relatives of yours. By the way I'm a recently retired wounded warrior soldier from the Army who would love for this wish to come true. Don't be alarmed (no missing body parts)but I have experienced a tramatic event. Working through it with the grace of God. Love from all of us.
Janiah reviewed Beyonce
Hey Beyone my name is Janiah and i am 1 of your most BIGGEST fans ever and i would really like to meet u in person with you my mom me my sister and my oldest brother i talk about u to my mom everyday like saying "mom i love Beyonce i'm about to get on here and listen to her" she be like" you love Beyonce dont it then i said "yes" so i wold really like to see you in person....