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Collective Soul

DuQuoin State Fair
655 Executive Drive
DuQuoin, IL, 62832, US
Sun, Sep 06, 2015

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DuQuoin State Fair

655 Executive Drive

DuQuoin, IL, 62832, US

+1(618) 542-1515

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Andrea Anne reviewed Collective Soul at Firelake Casino
I had never been to a concert that had alot of energy and funloving show than the one @ The firelake Grand Casino in Shawnee,Ok. As soon as Collective Soul Step on the Stage. All to a crowd of no-stop Cheers and whoops and yells to the very start until the very end..Ed's strong and soothing voice ecoed thoughout the concert venue of Welcome All Again..paused than the music stopped. that was it for everyone.. Stood up and started dancing to everything song that the guys from sung to all of us. When playing Hollywood,they in a very clever spin to it. Cat strach fever into the song. Very awesome and well done on their part. After coming back after from 3 encores and chants of we want more from the crowd..Collective Soul had too remind us of all that there was to be another show. There at the show thats after.. So now i cannot wait to see what going to be in store on the next concert in Thackleville,Ok. on June the 11th. My lucky # its will another great show no doubt..Collective Soul is one of the best live band ever..They never gave a bad show. They dont believe in the hype that is in the music world today. Very grounded and down to earth guys and very funny GENTLEMEN. They were raised up right..I guess thats why people around the world LOVE THEM OR HAS FALLING IN LOVE WH THEM..LIKE MYSELF TOO..Kudos Good Luck..Guys and keep Shining on..Watch for GHOST & Magnets. im sure they will an Awesome band=Dean Roland in there it will be...Thank=you and God Bless...
My husband and I saw Collective Soul perform this last year. Best concert we've ever seen. You can tell these are grounded people behind their music. They do know how to rock you through and through, and they share their experience with you. Am impressed. My teenagers are jealous they weren't with us. We are proud to say that we have raised them on quality alternative/rock. Thanks Collective Soul. Can't wait to see you in concert again. Sherri
They rocked us high energy- I think they had as much fun as we did -awesome ending for a concert-maybey the best i have ever seen. we are going to spokane to see them again next week- that says it all doesnt it. dont miss
Melissa reviewed Collective Soul
show them with Gavin Degraw in Kansas City and then again in Witchita - AWESOME!!!!!!