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Van Morrison

Cyprus Avenue
278 - 280 Newtownards Road
Belfast, ANT, BT41HE, GB
Mon, Aug 31, 2015

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Cyprus Avenue

278 - 280 Newtownards Road

Belfast, ANT, BT41HE, GB

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Van Morrison is my all time favorite singer.He touches the soul when he sings. It boggles my mind that a great singer like this, who gives so much to his fans and sings his heart out is not more famous like some popular bands and singers out there, who are not nearly as talented and great as Mr Morrison....I just simply love his music and could listen to him forever
I Love listening to Van Morrison, know most songs, love AStral Weeks, etc, for my wife, i ordered 2 tickets, via early sales and got great seats, at meyerson Symphony Center, *great Music hall*, Decided to fly in the morning of concert, spend the night and fly home, to avoid an 8 hour drive. made hotel reservations, and was looking for a great restaurant downtown, for an early dinner before the concert when on Friday before the Monday concert I received an #-mail from ticketmaster saying *CONCERT CANCELED*. can you believe it, SOOOO, it has been over a year and i am again considering the expense and effort to see VAn. He rarely comes to the Deep South. Just have to see his 2011 tour schedule and make a decision
Rebecca reviewed Van Morrison at Bass Concert Hall
I don't remember what date exactly, probably because it wasn't a good memory. I love Van the Man and will never stop listening to him. But he needs to retire from concerts. Didn't play long enough, very short concert. Kept turning his back on the audience. Didn't even consider an encore. OHHHHHHHHHH I had been waiting years to be able to afford to see him and it was just so dissappointing. Like I said, he is still THE MAN. Just don't do concerts anymore.
scthatgirl reviewed Van Morrison
OMG, he was awesome, as well as every musician. My husband and I are long time fans and own almost every CD he's made. We knew all of the songs, and enjoyed every minute of it. Would love to see him again and again. He's so into his music, plays his voice so beautifully and I can't imagine a better performance than what we heard. So many favorites were played. We paid $100 each to see him, well worth it!
Saw him in Vegas last night and loved it! He sounds even better than on his CD. My only complaint was that it didn't go on forever. If you go, don't be late and don't take any bathroom breaks. He started promptly on the hour and only played for 90 minutes. I paid $680 for 2 tickets and would do it again tomorrow.