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Little River Band

Medina Entertainment Center
500 Hwy 55
Medina, MN, 55340, US
Sat, Nov 12, 2016

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What a bad night out that was (though I did win in the casino so not all bad :)! Big crowd and it looked like it was a sold-out concert, but so many people were being conned by these old guys on stage! They're not even the original Little River Band. In fact I'm pretty sure that none of these guys were in the original band, and only Wayne Nelson (bass player), who sang on one real LRB song "Night Owls" but never wrote any LRB songs, ever played with the original main guys of Shorrock, Birtles and Gobles, you know, the guys with the great harmonies. And even then it was only for a year or two before they all left. And when they left the great voices left with them. This was a deeply disappointing show, and though they play a lot of the hits, they don't even sound like the Little River Band. The only songs that sound OK are their own songs that they’ve written since the old Little River Band broke up, so why don’t they just use a different name and stop ripping people off? Only after I got home and looked it up did I realise that these guys somehow got rights to use the name of Little River Band and play all the old band’s songs, but they AREN'T the Little River Band that everyone goes to see. And the clever wording of the biography they posted on the Hard Rock Casino website made it sound as though Wayne Nelson was a major part of the old band, when he really wasn’t. Don't be fooled if they're coming to your town. Jimmy Fallon was right when he threw them off his show a couple of years ago because he found out that they were only masquerading as Little River Band and weren’t really the old band. It's not worth the money to watch a bad cover band!