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Estadio Nacional
Santa Beatriz
Lima, LIM, PE
Mon, Oct 24, 2016

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Estadio Nacional

Santa Beatriz

Lima, LIM, PE

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We have seen Aerosmith a few times in Dallas, but this by far was their best concert. Steven Tyler is THE frontman of rock & roll, and Joe Perry can still shred the guitar to perfection. Joey Kramer's drum solo is nothing short of brilliant. We love these guys! Go while you is sooo worth the $$. ♫♩♪
Lorraine reviewed Aerosmith
I saw ^^A^^ 21 times so far, patiently waiting for number 22
Just saw Aerosmith less than two weeks ago, and they were insanely good. If they tour behind the new album in November, I will go see them again. They played "Legendary Child" and "Oh Yeah" from the new album, plus most of the classics. Twenty-one songs in all, with 3 encores. I posted "Draw The Line" and "Dream On" on YouTube (under this date, venue, and name) for anyone who wants to take a look. I was close enough to Steven to reach out and touch him...and DID...on the side ramp. I will not forget it! Hope they make it to St. Louis and Indy for you guys...Joe Perry and Steven Tyler 'don't miss a thing'. They look great, sound great, and entertain like no others. Joey Kramer does a rad drum solo, and a shoutout to Tom Hamilton for playing for us on the right side of the stage. Looking forward to Brad Whitford on That Metal Show soon. If you get the chance to see them, GO!
Allison reviewed Aerosmith
I would love to see arrowsmith my favorite band ever since I was a little girl first concert in 1985 orthium theater boston awesome concert I also seen them with jackel incredible show and at mansville mass unbelievible and so much more steven i just want to meet you sir you are the best singer in my mind. just love you allison.....
Cindy reviewed Aerosmith
Steven Tyler(Aerosmith) is an awsome musician & Artists. I saw him(them)in ST Louis,MO sometime in the 90's,don't remember the exact yr. I would love to see Steven Tyler(Aerosmith)again.I'v told myself if they were ever on tour in an area I'm living I would go to see them again! Now I live in AZ,so Phoenix or even Prescott would be AWSOME! I would love to bring my girl friend with me. It would be AWSOME if we had back stage passes to meet Steven Tyler(Aerosmith) in person. They have been my ultimate favorite artistic musicians since 70's.