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Delbert McClinton

Infinity Hall
20 Greenwoods Rd W
Norfolk, CT, 06058, US
Sat, Oct 22, 2016

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Infinity Hall

20 Greenwoods Rd W

Norfolk, CT, 06058, US

+1(866) 666-6306

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Mary reviewed Delbert McClinton
Tony reviewed Delbert McClinton
he is also going to be at the Sooner Theater in Norman,OK on May 3rd
Jane reviewed Delbert McClinton
Saw Delbert. He was GREAT. Also saw him in St. Louis . He was great then also.. i love him. I have all his cd's and an autographed t-shirt. Delbert is the bomb.
papasabo reviewed Delbert McClinton at Crighton Theatre
Saw Delbert in a small venue in east Texas this summer and he proved he is getting better with age. One of the best concerts i have ever seen and i have been to plenty being from the mid west and close to St.Louis the only one that comes to mind that was close was the great Johnny Winter in St.Louis a few years ago.
Have seen the "mighty Del" about 10 times in the past 10 years and each time was GREAT! I'd go see him 10 more if he gave the opportunity. He's a special, classy gifted talent that I'm very thankful for getting to see. This paticular night in Owensboro he played about 3 hours of the best damned music this side of afghanistan. He's an inspiration to anyone who loves fantastic music (live and recorded) Boogie on Delbert McClinton from a distant friend and loyal fan, Chuck