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Josh Turner

Bergen Performing Arts Center
30 North Van Brunt Street
Englewood, NJ, 07631, US
Sat, Nov 05, 2016

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Bergen Performing Arts Center

30 North Van Brunt Street

Englewood, NJ, 07631, US

+1(201) 227-1030

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It was my birthday and there was a big group of us that gathered to attend Josh Turners concert! The man is an amazing Christian father, husband son and Talented artist that loves His Lord
dear mr turner i no you are a busy man i would ask a question do you do benefit concert the reason i am asking is wade faye tackett needs help with their bills and hosptial bills faye his wife has brain cancer and they need help so if you can put on a concert will you let no god bless you for letting me talk you contact me at your earliest time thak you god bless you pearl ann belcher
Logan reviewed Josh Turner
I love u so so so so much please don't ever stop doing what you lov ya
I awaited this event for weeks, only for the temp. to plummet and wind and rain take over a box seat that was in the middle of a dirt race track. The show was delayed for an hour. My niece and myself sat in this seat from 6:15 P.M until 7:55. When the show did not start by then we decided to count our losses and depart. As we were leaving the fair, we heard the music start up. By this time we were to cold to care. I regret that we did not turn back but it was only 42 degree's and sitting in that cold folding chair without any shelter was more than I wanted to endure. I will catch another inside show. Warmly Charlene Hobbs