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Cervantes' Masterpiece
2637 Welton Street
Denver, CO, 80205, US
Fri, Oct 28, 2016

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Cervantes' Masterpiece

2637 Welton Street

Denver, CO, 80205, US

+1(303) 297-1772

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Markeitha reviewed Nelly
heyy nelly i love yhu so mch boyy
Angela reviewed Nelly at H. Toads
Seen Nelly at the lake!!!! Loved it! He touched my hand and I took a pic with his brother City Spud. Almost meet Nelly in V I P until some drunk *ss got everyone put out of th club!! Show was amazing Nelly! Your #1 fan A . S .
the show was awesone but the review at forth rich you should be ashame was it worth it Mr. Nelly
Chas reviewed Nelly
Ohhh My Gosh, Your Ahhh-Mazing!! Your The Best Singer Ever!!(: I Love The Song Dilemma!! It's So Great!! I Wish You Luck At Your Next Concert!!! -Lots Of Love Chas!(:
nelly u are the man good luck in every thing u do babe everything u touch will turn to gold keep doing what u are doing and keep your head to the sky the music shows that u have grown your a man i know your moms very proud of that 360 your sisters your guardian angel always there too protect believe that one nothing but peace love and true happiness for u and the family and your troop.Coming from RENNAS HEART LOVE U BABE RENNASEYES OUT From ST. LOUIS MO>.