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Pat Metheny

Hart Theatre at the Egg
1 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY, 12210, US
Thu, Jan 19, 2017

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Hart Theatre at the Egg

1 Empire State Plaza

Albany, NY, 12210, US

+1(518) 473-1845

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glenda reviewed Pat Metheny
I have been a Pat Metheny fan for 30 years. I've seen him perform many times. I recently saw him and the Unity Band in San Francisco. It was one of the best times that I've seen him. He had Chris Potter on sax and he really complimented the group, especially when he played "outside" the melody on his solos. Pat's playing was AMAZING. Sometimes I would close my eyes and just listen to his solos. It took me to a wonderful place. I always make sure to have one of his CDs in my car. His music is very uplifting for me. If I am depressed, I can put on a CD and be uplifted. I could go on and on, but I'll stop here
ssisk20 reviewed Pat Metheny
It was many years ago...One of the best shows I have EVER seen. I have been a fan for 30+ years and only wish he would hit the Midwest more often. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!
have not been blessed to see one of his concert's. but i think this music is really medicinal. You really get a sense of well being. I do have most of his albums though. still a great fan forever; chereaux
I too have been an avid fan of Mr. Metheny's! Pat, words alone can not describe the talent that you possess. I have attended many of your concerts...Meadowbrook...Fox Theater in Detroit and now I live in ATL and I attended your Orchestrion Tour Concert here at Georgia Tech's Ferst Center...WHAT A SHOW! I think the best concert I've ever attended...And I have attended several concerts in my lifetime (I’m almost 60). But this show will remain in my thoughts and mind FOR EVER! All I could do was shake my head in total disbelief...YOU ARE ONE AMAZING MAN! And you truly are my favorite Artist...Thanks for sharing your wonderful music...Love Ya, Pat...
I got sick and missed the show, but I've been blessed to see this very talented gentleman over the years. He is the B E S T and I hope to be able to catch another show soon. PeAce & continued HarMony Pat. GMB