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John Mayer

Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
19100 Ridgeland Ave
Tinley Park, IL, 60477, US
Sun, Sep 03, 2017

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Veda Jo reviewed John Mayer at Coral Sky Amphitheatre
“The only thing consistent in my life (growing up) was my guitar. I was born to follow this guitar.”- John Mayer For the final performance to wrap up his Battle Studies tour, John Mayer told the audience “I will play the baddest, bad-*ss set list of the tour”, Saturday night, September 11 at Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida. Thank god he did because even though the temperature last night might have been in the 80’s it felt like 110, not a single breeze and the warmest I have ever felt it to be at the Cruzan amphitheater. I could only imagine how hot it was for Mayer and his band whose sweat soaked tank showed off his beautifully done tattooed sleeve. The crowd responded with appreciation by standing all night instead sitting in their seats, seats they paid extra money for instead of sitting on the lawn. For nearly 3 hours Mayer used his guitar and voice to seduce the crowd. His voice sounded like hot chocolate syrup slowing being poured over your favorite ice cream. Then his guitar riffs, hit songs and serenades were a mix of your favorite toppings and he allows you to slowly eat it up. Guilt free. Mayer acknowledged 9/11 and the state of New York by donning a New York Yankees baseball cap and breaking into his rendition of Billy Joel’s “New Your State of Mind”. This was after he came on stage wearing a dual basketball jersey: one half Miami Heat, the other Cleveland Cavaliers. This of course caused discontent in the audience and Mayer pointed out that on this day (9/11) both these 2 teams are American and that we should unite.” Yes your right John, but thanks for taking off the jersey! Throughout the night he taunted the audience asking for their input on the next song playing a few lines and seeing the crowds reaction. He did have a set list it turns out; whether he stuck to it I don’t know. I loved the way he talked to us, as if we were his friends, giving the crowd a little personal information about how he came to be on this stage tonight all the while full of gratitude and sincerity constantly thanking his fans for their support. “You are good people. Thank you for having my back.” No, thank you Mayer for playing our favorites: “Your Body Is a Wonderland”, “Gravity”, and “Waiting On The World To Change”. The only thing he missed was “Daughters”, one of my personal favorites. Mayer didn’t need a big band to hold him up and for parts of the night he was alone on the stage, just him and his guitar. His duet with the flute/saxophonist Bob Reynolds or with Robbie McIntosh on the guitar was all the instruments needed to keep this night rolling. Mayer had a message he was sending out, a message of no regrets in life. “Love everyone as truly as you can. That’s the only way to stop this train. Go home and stop this train.” -Veda Jo Jenkins,