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Yusuf aka Cat Stevens

TSB Bowl of Brooklands
Brooklands Park Dr
New Plymouth, 4310, NZ
Sat, Dec 16, 2017

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TSB Bowl of Brooklands

Brooklands Park Dr

New Plymouth, 4310, NZ

+64 6 759 6060

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Andrew reviewed Yusuf aka Cat Stevens
If you show up here I will know my life is complete. I don't know if you are coming but know I almost drowned to save my best Lab...the intensity is overwhelming from brain to stem. I lost my job today and am coping but would have a hope of your perfect purpose to life complete
bb reviewed Yusuf aka Cat Stevens
Yousuf or Cat Stevens you are great, I listen your music since I was married to my first husband in 1982 and now that I do understand the lyrics I love your music even more. All religions are great because it comes from God...some followers are the ones that do not follow the teachings of the Prophets, so Texas not all members of a religion community are good followers,some are good some are bad. Yousuf I admire you for your faith. Happy Birthday on the 21, I love you!!!
I have been a Cat Steven's fan since I was 7 years old. When I was 19 I wore out a cassette tape of his were I played it so much and now I am sitting here listening to the same album but just on CD Love ya and keep on a rockin.
sal reviewed Yusuf aka Cat Stevens
what you have done is great ! I WISH there were more like you. But those who are great there is onley one .
Alex reviewed Yusuf aka Cat Stevens
Having seen you recently, I must say you really believe in your lyrics and sound. I have resisted you in the past and really did not find the love of your music until last year. May you continue to use your gift in the proper way!