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Miranda Lambert

SaskTel Centre
3515 Thatcher Avenue
Saskatoon, SK, CA
Fri, Oct 06, 2017

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SaskTel Centre

3515 Thatcher Avenue

Saskatoon, SK, CA

+1(306) 975-3155

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I would love to meet Miranda One day before I leave this old world. Maybe one day I might get lucky. Never give up hope. I would also love to meet Blake in person. He is awesome.
I love Miranda Lambert So much she is my idol i widh i could sing like her but im not even close i think im her bigest fan she couldnt even do anything to make me not lover her even more than i already do i know i sound like a stoker but im not she is just my favorite singer of all time i wish i could meet her in person but she is to buisse some one asked me if i could meet one person befor i died i said miranda lambert just cause she is my favorite you need to come to utah while you are on your tour please k i will stop just saying I LOVE YOU MIRANA LAMBRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u need to come to oklahoma...plzzzz
i like white liar and congrats on ur marrige
Saw the Revolution Concert tonight with Miranda Lambert/Josh Kelly/Eric Church!!! It was awesome! Anyone who can see her concert def should go!! Blake Shelton was even there and came out to sing with Miranda which was very cool and unexpected!! She is not to miss for sure !!