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Rob Zombie

Portsmouth Pavilion
16 Crawford Circle
Portsmouth, VA, 23704, US
Fri, Oct 06, 2017

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Portsmouth Pavilion

16 Crawford Circle

Portsmouth, VA, 23704, US

+1(757) 393-8181

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dylon reviewed Rob Zombie
Hi my name is dylon paul hartigan
So on this day I seen-Rob Zombie,Korn,Lamb of God, 5 Finger Death Punch, Atreyu, Norma Jean, In This Moment, 3 Inches of Blood, Hatebreed, Ghimaira, Shadows Fall & Winds of Plague!! ! Well when I was informed about this concert I was living in Salmon, ID but I'm from Pocatello, ID. I'm more of a rap fan, but I'll tell you what. I enjoyed all of the performances that happened that day. I was involved in my first few mosh pit's and I crowd serfed a few times during Zombie. I think he had the best stage performance of the evening, I was right up front during the whole thing. I like the new Zombie cd!! I even got it signed by the whole band!! I enjoyed this event so much I think I listen to METAL more then any thing else now. It was a blast, can't wait for my next metal concert!! ! Gotta keep it... "G-ROCKIN" Mario .R.(27) Pocatello,ID
barbscandlebiz reviewed Rob Zombie at DCU Center
Saw Murder Dolls to open and then Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie. My boyfriend brought me and I had only heard of Alice Cooper. Well, ROB ZOMBIE Is my NEW favorite. His show was FULL of energy and great music. I went out and bought a great CD that had all the songs on it. My favorites are Dragula and Superbeast. I listen and watch them over and over. I WILL be seeing his next show when he is in the area again. LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!
jeffrey reviewed Rob Zombie at DCU Center
Saw Rob, Alice and Murder Dolls, one word... AWESOME!! Was the best shows I have ever seen and I am 50 years old and grew up listening to Cooper and Black Sabbath as a teen. Over my lifetime I have seen most of all the rock groups that are now considered classics, including Springsteen, Clapton, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Heart, Black Sabbath with Ozzy, Boston and many I can't even remember now. Robs show by far is the most hypnotic, addicting, and intense as any by far. Coopers is the most disturbing and together they make one h*ll of a night. Rounded out with a great opening by the Murder Dolls who hammer away at you non-stop it was an evening my wife and I cannot stop talking about. I want to go see them all again!! Soon!! Rob was p*ss*d at DCU Security who wanted him to stop the show but he said HIS name was on our tickets and this was HIS Halloween Party, they told him if he continues he will pay $10,000/hour! He said he has nothing better to do with his money and played several more songs!! I love you man, Thanks for a night I will never forget and am your new biggest fan!
chris reviewed Rob Zombie
No Arkansas show?!?!?