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Le Ferrailleur
Quai des Antilles
Nantes, FR
Wed, Oct 04, 2017

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Le Ferrailleur

Quai des Antilles

Nantes, FR

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Evan reviewed OURS at 41st and Walnut
7 Walkers rocks. Definitely check them out. If you enjoy improvisational music and want to learn about live acts in philly please check out www.jamphilly.com. Great selection of some great music coming to town!
Carol reviewed OURS at Tommy Doyle's
What can I say...it was a treat & Ours always puts their heart & soul into every show to make it personal for all their dedicated fans & new fans to come...Jimmy Gnecco is very comfortable with himself as an artist & has grown into a great singer/songwriter so confident of himself & the choices he has made thru-out his musical career...the band has come together nicely & always have fun on stage which is the most important thing...If I could se the band 7 nites a week I would...my fave band to see & hear for 10 years ago & many years to come...thanx guyz for such great memories & beautiful music...xx/oo #1 fan Carol munchkins