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Carnitas Snack Shack
2632 University Avenue
San Diego, CA, 92104, US
Sat, Sep 02, 2017

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Carnitas Snack Shack

2632 University Avenue

San Diego, CA, 92104, US

+1(619) 294-7675

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June reviewed Heart at Wolstein Center
Geez I feel so left out one of my most favorite groups , sure would have loved to see you!!!!!!
Kris reviewed Heart at Riverbend Music Center
Saw Heart perform twice this past week. Drove 2 1/2 hours each way for the show in Indianapolis. I never get tired of seeing Heart perform. These ladies are so tremendously talented!!! A couple of the Zeppelin songs they performed sounded better, to me, than the originals. Amazing, amazing. I hope that they tour again next year and perform only their music. The Zeppelin show was great, but I did miss hearing some of Heart's songs that time would not allow. Don't miss this show if they are in your city.
paige reviewed Heart at West Virginia Mountainfest
My mom absolutley loves heart! Shes in her mid 40's and is always telling me about her "golden days" when she would go state to state to watch you guys perform, she has pics with them.She hasn't been to a concert in over 20 years, because shes been busy with 5 kids, she deserves this. I was wanting to suprise her and take her to a concert, but there isn't any near by. Please come to the West Virginia area!
www.bongette6262 reviewed Heart at Smoothie King Center
Not only Me; the whole Cajun Blues and Jazz City! Welcomes and adore Ann and Nanc.....Your New Album and recent tour dates could'nt of come at a better time! Goodbye Katrina, and, WELCOME BACK "OUR HEART!" Thugs Rule...... Like we all say, LOVE and FROM, Another #1 Heart Fan!... Bonnie Mitchell New Orleans,La
Genesis reviewed Heart at Indiana Roof Ballroom
I have never seen heart in concert! But would love to! As a child growing up I used to sit and listen to these wonderfull women on my moms recored ablum! I loved it and my mom would sing along with it and I just loved it! Now as a grown woman myself I have thier songs on my Ipod and sing the songs to my daughter lol! I seen a video of them for the first time on here from the midnight special from back in the 70's and let me tell ya it gave me goosebumps! PLEASE COME TO INDIANA OR OHIO!!! always Genesis M!