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Johnny Mathis

Horseshoe Bossier City
711 Horseshoe Boulevard
Bossier City, LA, 71171, US
Sun, Jan 28, 2018

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Horseshoe Bossier City

711 Horseshoe Boulevard

Bossier City, LA, 71171, US

+1(800) 895-0711

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Sharon reviewed Johnny Mathis
There are no words deep enough. Johnny Mathis is a gift to this world from God. He was given many gifts which include his voice, his sweet spirit, his looks and grace beyond grace, and style. His father was the same ~ gifted and gracious. Mr Mathis worked/s in a very dedicated way to give us all as much of his gifts as he can. He is the sweetest, kindest, most generous and most humble human being. I had the pleasure of meeting his father, and I have had the gift and honor of seeing Mr. Mathis 3 times thus far, with 2 more concerts planned. I was even able to receive a hug & handshake & picture with him at the American Jewish University in Nov 2013. I feel blessed. I watch his videos & interviews from all the years, and all of them prove what a gifted, sweet man he is. He moves me & millions of people to the heart & soul & sometimes to the core of our beings...Mr. Mathis blesses us with his perfect velvet tones and gives the perfect feelings to the words of each & every song he sings. To me, he sings songs that other people made hits much better and with more feeling, and I wish he had sung them first. He has actually helped heal me from tramatic times. No other singer/person has affected me this way. And I love all music, and have seen many performers. God Bless Johnny Mathis...I pray for his happiness and health and peace, as he has given me and all who love him his sweet self.
Mike reviewed Johnny Mathis
OUTSTANDING SHOW!!! 100% Johnny Mathis at his best. Loved the show. Very disciplined.
Beverley reviewed Johnny Mathis
This is not a review, but a question. Will you ever come to Las Vegas for a concert in 2013 or sometime in the future? I've followed you since the late 50's, but have never been able to see you in person. Now that I live in Las Vegas, I thought maybe you'd think about giving a concert here. Thank you for maybe considering us !!!
I can't express in words how fabulous this show was. Don't miss seeing him on this tour. He will be in Sac. In Sept. When he sang Misty " and a thousand violins begin to play", they really did, and boy did they. The SF Symphony as the back-up was pure perfection. There are special performers I will remember, and this evening I spent with Johnny is in the top 3. Wish he sang a few more but it just leaves you wanting for more. I downloaded The Essential Johnny Mathis from iTunes and have been in heaven all day. Thanks Johnny, come back soon! XO
I was a bit skeptical about Johnny's ability to perform like, well, Johnny Mathis at age 75, but his show was absolutely outstanding on this night. He must've performed at least 20 songs, although one of his greatest, "Wonderful, Wonderful," was conspicuously absent from both of his sets. Maybe he can't hit the high notes in that one anymore, but he can still croon a ballad unlike anyone ever has. Trust me — this man's show is worth every penny. He is truly an American entertainment classic.