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Randall's Island
1 Randalls Island
New York, NY, 10035, US
Fri, Jun 01, 2018

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Randall's Island

1 Randalls Island

New York, NY, 10035, US

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Michelle reviewed Eminem
Please come to Omaha or Lincoln Nebraska!! Ive been saving money for 2years for my vip ticket. Come on already. Your my fantasy husband!
Savannah reviewed Eminem
Please come to West Virginia I wanna see you
Johanna reviewed Eminem
PLEASE COME TO New York or Philly!!! I'm dying to see u perform! Actually I will fly anywhere u will be performing at! And I will pay whatever it cost to have a seat dead center of the stage! And I'm not rich lol ur music helped me get thru life and still does! I know all the words to ur songs but obviously can't sing them like u! U inspire me to believe anything is possible when u put everything u have into getting what u want! MY dream is to see u live in concert with decent seats! I've been waiting for this day since the day u came out with ur first cd but at that time I was a young girl and my parents were nervous of me going by myself. I'm 35 now and nobody will stop me from coming to ur next concert! All I ask is please let me know when u will be on tour because I will buy the tickets that same day! Of all the people in the music industry u have by far the best lyrics! I look forward to seeing u perform and love that u don't give a f*ck what people say about u! Like u said in ur song u say what everyone is thinking in their head but to scared to say it out loud! LOVE That!!! Johanna Scaffo
Austin reviewed Eminem
Please come to Pittsburg my whole family will be there and I have a big *ss and Rich famil
Jarod reviewed Eminem
You should come to new jersey there is a lot of people here that want to see one of your concerts but might not have the money to fly some where to see you and your the only rapper that i can relate to almost exactly and i LOVE your music thats the only music i have on my phone dont let this be like the song stan and you not read it and just let it go to waist me and my friend josh just got hit by a car and it would be an honer to meet you in person please answer me soon your biggest fan Jarod Wade