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Bruce Springsteen

Walter Kerr Theatre
219 West 48th Street
New York, NY, 10212, US
Wed, Nov 14, 2018

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Walter Kerr Theatre

219 West 48th Street

New York, NY, 10212, US

+1(877) 250-2929

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Upcoming Concerts at Walter Kerr Theatre

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Marisa reviewed Bruce Springsteen at IZOD Center
I'm not sure if this is the exact date for the last time I saw Springsteen and the boys, but I can tell you that as usual, it is a show that I will never forget. I'm not going to sit here and recount every show of his I've seen like some, but i will tell you that each time is a special, special event where my spirits are lifted and my life just feels great!!! His music has become so much more as time has marched on. He has evolved into the best rocker of my generation and I am glad that my children and my children's children will know him as such. WIthout too much gushing here, Mr. Springsteen puts on the BEST SHOW EVER!!! Rock on, boss! Your the best at what you do!
Cipriano reviewed Bruce Springsteen
Bruce makes everyday worth living well! Thank you for always staying true to your honesty "Boss" man!
Leda reviewed Bruce Springsteen
Bruce. I am going to marry you one day.
I was born n bread in South Africa,listen to d BOSS FOR D FIRST TIME IN 1981 ND HAVE NEVER STOPED SINCE.It is because of BRUCE MY MAN that I am living in the UNITED STATES.It is his music that brought me to this beautiful country.Since coming to d STATES life has been one big strugle.But my dream to c my BOSS has never died.It is allways in my prayer's that before my time is up I would love to c THE "BOSS".LOVE MAX
bbc99168 reviewed Bruce Springsteen at Gillette Stadium
the first time I saw Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band,was at the Music Hall in Boston, Mass in 1977, and didn't know who this crazy man was who wore a hat, had an afro, and was lifted off the stage and into the crowd.....I have been a gigantic fan ever since, listening to his music throughout my life. I can remember what was going on in my life, every time I listen to a particular song. I grew up with Bruce & the band, and am still growing up with them, although some members are not with us any longer. I have all the music, a couple of DVDs and an awesome book with memorabilia, The only thing I would like to know is, how do you get those concert tickets where you are right up close to him? This would be a dream come true, and I'm 54, sounding like I'm 16.......Through all the years, and all the songs, I love them all....but I will always love "racing in the street" for it's instrumentals.......