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The Wiggles

Toronto Centre For The Arts
5040 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON, CA
Fri, Jun 22, 2018

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Toronto Centre For The Arts

5040 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON, CA

+1(416) 733-9388

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rleach1701 reviewed The Wiggles at Peoria Civic Center
I think the wiggles are great for the small ones and they are more active now than they were in 1993 because in 1993 the 4 guys could barely fit on a stage together but now they have a bunch of acrobats and acrobatic equipment to show kids how active they can be and to show the kids that they can be active too.
Danielle reviewed The Wiggles
Me and my son just saw the wiggles in Auburn Hills,(detroit area) we had so much fun at the afternoon show , we also attended the evening show! Cann't wait to see them again! Cheers! Danielle
susan reviewed The Wiggles
this is an excellant show for kids and the parents and grandparents loved it too. worth every bit of money spent to go and see they put on a great performance!!!
Cindy reviewed The Wiggles
I just took my very excited 4-year-old to see the Wiggles, and it was more of a acrobatic act, which was pretty lame, to say the least! I've seen them on tv, videos, and DVDs for all 4 years of my daughter's life, and they are great! The concert was a flop though! They only sang like 3 good songs together, and we saw as much of their "extras" as we saw of them. The kids looked bored, I was bored, and my daughter wanted to leave before it ended. Stick to the original plans, Wiggles!!!!!!!!!!!!!