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Def Leppard

Spark Arena
42 - 80 Mahuhu Crescent
Auckland, N, 1010, NZ
Mon, Nov 12, 2018

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Spark Arena

42 - 80 Mahuhu Crescent

Auckland, N, 1010, NZ

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Brady reviewed Def Leppard
Greatest band of all time!!!!!
Donna reviewed Def Leppard at Revel
Went to see them with Lita Ford & Poison in Atlantic City, NJ & OMG! I had seen them over 20 years ago after the drummer lost his arm in that horrific car accident & the last tour that Steve Clark(R.I.P.) was with them, & after all these 30 something years of them doing this they are as good if not better than they ever were. The freakin' rocked the hall & they still stood up to their name Def Leppard-couldn't hear for 2 days. They were having fun doing this which makes them all the better to watch. Hope they will be around next year. Greatest show ever!!!
Tracy reviewed Def Leppard
Any way of finding dates and getting actual info on how to buy two tickets...........? Thus being said, to attend a concert is a lifelong dream come true! Help Please? email is
Thanks to Meaux I was there!
d*mn, you guys are smokin' hot!