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Makuhari Messe

Tokyo, JP
Fri, Aug 24, 2018

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Makuhari Messe

Tokyo, JP

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Steve reviewed Blackpink
Ladies: Recently discovered you all -- great group! All of you are talented signers and dancers (you really "tore up the dance floor" on Boom-Bah-Yah!). Each of the four of you has a unique style and voice, and all of you are excellent singers on every video I've seen thus far. Congrats to Mr. Yang for putting you four together -- you complement each other beautifully, and it's obvious that you get along extremely well! Love that Jennie and Rose' speak English so well (and Lisa isn't far behind; I know Jisso will be coming along too, as she already understands what you all are saying, just doesn't speak in English as yet, save for a few words here and there!), as expected since you two grew up in Australia and NZ. What a great discovery you all are! Love you, and I've got to say that ChaeYoung (Rose') has an exceptional voice, so good at such a young age that only Taeyeon and Soyeon can even "hold a candle" to you, as the American saying goes. Yep, you're that good, girl! Hope you will get to do a show or shows in the U.S. -- I'll keep an eye on your website for news of that and try my best to make it there, for certain! All the best for the future, and looking forward to your next effort! Fighting! An American fan from beautiful East Tennessee (please come and see us soon, ya'll!)