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Bob Dylan

Eastern Kentucky University
521 Lancaster Ave
Richmond, KY, 40475, US
Mon, Nov 12, 2018

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Eastern Kentucky University

521 Lancaster Ave

Richmond, KY, 40475, US

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Stefani reviewed Bob Dylan at University of Vermont
All Bob Dylan's shows are unique! One way or another he never fails to entertain and baffle his fans. Kudos to you BOB. What's with Constantine's Sword?
BOB DYLAN TORE IT UP!!! The energy, power, passion,compositions, and musical talent was off the charts. The audience drank him in and begged for more, never getting enough of Bob Dylan's music. His fans were on the edge of their sits waiting for whatever he graciously played for us-he has finally been allowed to show us more of his far reaching talent, nothing wrong with his original beat[love it!], but the people are finally completely his and he can play whatever he wants to us--and we drink!
Joanne reviewed Bob Dylan at Dehler Park
We saw Dylan in Billings last Wednesday in Billings MT and it was the best performance of all time, I am sure! Dylan has reinvented himself. He plays a stunning organ now, jamming with the best guitarist I've ever seen. We crowded our way to within 20 feet of the living legend and stood for over 3 hours, if you count the time prior to his arriving on stage. He performed masterfully for about 1 hour and 40 minutes with a smile on his face most of the time. It was obvious he was in heaven. I am still out of my mind over it. I did go to sleep with two sad thoughts running through my mind that night. 1. I felt a little sad that all the people I love weren't there. 2. I also felt a little sad that Dylan walks like an OLD man. He is only one year older than me, but he lumbers across the stage like an 80 year old man, with a hump on his back. I do not think he will be doing concerts much longer. He had a gold cross on a podium on the right front stage. Nothing was mentioned about it. It was just there. I don't know what else it could have been. It was about 6 inches high and reflected light. It was not a mic. Strange, just like you would expect. Also, he ends his performances with a logo on the back of the stage that has a crown/eye design. Again, another Dylan mystery to speculate endlessly upon.
Rebecca reviewed Bob Dylan
It's funny how people can review a musician. Playing from the heart and soul. It's like telling someone they did not say the right thing, although it was truly from their soul. Who are you to analyze Dylan?
JoAnne reviewed Bob Dylan
Long ago,--perhaps seven years--for my 60th birthday, my children bought me front row center tickets to the Dylan concert at the University of Maryland. They flew my best friend into town and had a limo pick us up and drive us to the concert. I could not imagine a more wonderful present. When Dylan was about to come on stage, crowds of people left their seats and started to mill around the middle aisle. Although asked to return to their seats, no one did. He did come out and started to perform. I saw five minutes of his extraordinary performance. I held on as long as I could because I knew this was likely to be a once-in-a lifetime event for me. His eyes were such an amazing, bright blue -- sharp and lit from within. As the crowd continued to surge forward, I became too frightened to remain -- by then I was pressed against the stage. It was only a few minutes but I cherish it. At 68, I look forward to finding another concert in Baltimore or Las Vegas as these are the places my grandchildren are. My journey started in Harvard Square, the Club 47, and I look forward to one more chance.