Magnolia Jazz Band, Karin Krog
Nordstrand Kirke
September 19, 2018


Nordstrand Kirke
Ekebergveien 238, Oslo, 1166, NO


Wednesday, September 19, 2018
7:00 PM

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Magnolia Jazz Band Biography

Magnolia Jazzband (MJB) was started in 1972 by the trombone player Gunnar Gotaas. Magnolia is one of few bands playing New Orleans Revival Jazz, a style named after being discovered by music researchers/scholars in the 1940s, which then gained widespread popularity and flourished once again. This music style binds traditional jazz music with rhythm and blues. The New Orleans musicians have always freely combined the musical genre/manners, and this is one of the core elements in the development of jazz. In the churches the gospel rhythms would swing, and brass bands played rhythmic music for funerals and parades. Combined with elements from blues and ragtime the New Orleans jazz developed with its special beat. Many known musicians (amongst them King Oliver and Louis Armstrong) emigrated from New Orleans around 1920, but those who stayed behind in the home town also kept a special style, for instance Percy Humphrey, "Kid" Thomas and "Sweet" Emma Barret.

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