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Opera Theatre
Boulevard Desaix
Clermont Ferrand, 63000, FR
Tue, Oct 23, 2018

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Opera Theatre

Boulevard Desaix

Clermont Ferrand, 63000, FR

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David reviewed Yes at Wisconsin State Fair
This was my 8th or 9th YES show but my first since the 70's and one show with the union of multiple members in the 80's. I sat 5th row center seats! Steve Howe is still the best! What a great show. I give Jon Davison props for his effort at emmulating the irreplacable Jon Anderson. Chris Squire looks like he is having the best time of his life. The music still rocks as does the band!
Jerilyn reviewed Yes
Ok enough already Wanno, I know your a singer now in an awesome rock and roll band. I remember y ok u Japan album tripping me up with the real sounds of the subway. Play in Utah! Yes!?! And dont say no. Your Todd tercel friend from way back when...its time to hitchhike @ The Depot in sl*t
Just got done seeing YES for the first time with the new lead singer! They still blew me away and I would go again! Barry Washinsky