John Oliver
Metropolitan Opera House
December 30, 2018


Metropolitan Opera House
858 N. Road St., Philadelphia, PA, PA 19130, US


Sunday, December 30, 2018
10:00 PM

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John Oliver

John Oliver Biography

John Oliver may refer to:

John Oliver (comedian) (born 1977), British political comedian, known for his work on The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight,
John Oliver (composer) (born 1959), Canadian composer,
John Oliver (conductor), founder and conductor of the Tanglewood Festival Chorus,
John Exall Oliver, bass guitarist for American red dirt metal band Texas Hippie Coalition,

John Oliver (bishop) (born 1935), former Bishop of Hereford,
John Oliver (Dean of Christ Church) (died 1552), Anglican priest,
John Oliver (Dean of Worcester) (1601-1661), Anglican priest,

John Oliver (canoeist) (born 1943), British sprint canoer,
John Oliver (cricketer) (1918-1992), English cricketer,
John Oliver (footballer, born 1867), English footballer of the 1880s and 1890s,
John Oliver (footballer, born 1915) (1915-1991), English footballer of the 1930s,
John Oliver (speedway rider) (born 1987), Australian speedway rider,

John Oliver (British Columbia politician) (1856-1927), Premier of British Columbia 1918-1927, Canada,
John Oliver (Ontario politician), elected to office in 2015,
Jack Oliver (scientist), John Ertle Oliver, (1923-2011), American scientist,
John Morrison Oliver (1828-1872), Union Brigadier General in the U.S. Civil War,
John Watkins Oliver (1914-1990), U.S. federal judge