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R. Kelly

Mississippi State Fair & Coliseum
1207 Mississippi St
Jackson, MS, 39202, US
Mon, Nov 12, 2018

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Mississippi State Fair & Coliseum

1207 Mississippi St

Jackson, MS, 39202, US

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Sharonda reviewed R. Kelly
I sat front row wishing you would just touch my hand or hold my hand. I'm a big fan. Really wish I could find some front row tickets to your next concert in Baton Rouge or New Orleans. I know this text may or may not get read by you but come back to Shreveport that's my only hope. I'm your friend that You would love to just call to escape.. You'll see. My words now can't explain how I really want you in my life R.S.K
Dorothy reviewed R. Kelly
Can u come for my birthday in January
“We LOVE some R. Kelly” (I was at his last concert October 2012 – AWESOME CONCERT). With that said, we drove down from West Palm Beach in rush hour traffic. The drive took us 2 hours. We sat down to what we thought would be an enjoyable evening. There was a lady from Chicago and two crass comedians that opened for R. Kelly. He didn’t appear until 9:30 pm and promptly exited at 10:30 pm. We paid $113.00 each for our tickets. Full price tickets for half a concert, can you believe that. In other words we spent champagne money on a malt liquor concert. There were things missing, his grand entrance, his band, his backup singers and maybe even some enthusiasm. He didn’t even touch his latest efforts, the throwback soul albums Love Letter and Write Me Back, (the main reason for being at his concert in the first place) but he focused more on his 12 Play ("Bump N Grind," "It Seems Like You're Ready") and TP2 ("Fiesta," "Feelin on Yo Booty") which we could have done without. We were totally flabbergasted when he finished singing “I believe I can fly”, stepped backstage and disappeared. He left the crowd in suspense, thinking he was going to return. This was NOT the case. At this time, the crowd was just getting warmed up and R. Kelly was gone. The show bombed out. We should have gotten our money back. We came to see R. KELLY, but instead got his clone… What happened? R. Kelly, there were a lot of disappointed fans at your concert tonight. It’s the fans that made you the superstar you are. Remember that!! 22 years is what we gave you, don’t skimp on the concerts. Peace and good night. AMOSQ R.KELLY CONCERT – MIAMI / OCTOBER 17, 2013
shelby reviewed R. Kelly
Hey could you please come and do a show in North Carolina before the year out??? WE love you so much!
Ulanda reviewed R. Kelly
keep up the good work music will make the world a better place.