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Keith Urban

Verti Music Hall
Mercedes Platz
Berlin, DE
Sat, Mar 02, 2019

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Verti Music Hall

Mercedes Platz

Berlin, DE

+30 2060 708811

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Deana reviewed Keith Urban
you are are the best judge on American Idol
Deana reviewed Keith Urban
you are onr og the best and fair of judges on American Idol
john reviewed Keith Urban
Amazing show. My then girlfriend and now fiance fell in love because of your song im in. We are so excited to get married in november this year and plan on having our first dance to the song Im In. Thank you so much, wish you could come sing it at our wedding.
Liz reviewed Keith Urban
keith, im so sad, im a big fan,, im dieing to see you live. i have to sell my tickets, cant afford traveling cost from portland or, to seattle, wa, its killing me, ive been planning this past 6 months, it sucks, love you and your music so much, im hoping you will play in portland some day soon.
Keith Urban rocked the forum and it was great from the beginning to the end. The audience was totally into it and a lucky female fan even received a guitar from Keith signed..He is definetly fan friendly and can rock the night away. Nicole is one lucky lady who's love ballads reflect his love for her and his family.. Can't wait to see him again.. Great show from start to finish.. Kim