Birds In The Boneyard
Gorilla Club
December 8, 2018


Gorilla Club
74 Leonard Street , New York, NY, 10013, US


Saturday, December 8, 2018
8:00 PM

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Birds In The Boneyard Biography

Brothers Mikey and Petey Condoleon are artists, dreamers, and partners in crime who grew up in Queens, New York along with their loving sister Nia, to parents Jimmy and Kelly Condoleon.
It all started with an ear; a passion for music and entertainment. Mikey was always an artist, an entertainer who loved attention. He was out to impress, anywhere he was, but Petey was not as flashy. He was always a shy kid, but picked up the piano at four years old which got him to open up a little. He quickly started composing medley's and geared off into other instruments, including bass when Mikey started playing the guitar.
Years passed. The brothers were improving on their skills, writing music, and joining bands, but nothing was serious until 2014 when "Birds in the Boneyard" was created by Petey as a "fun" summer project. Mikey was hesitant because he was in another group but joined for the sake of helping out his brother. They played at the beach, and wherever they went, writing "songs that came from the heart". People loved it, and Birds' quickly became popular.
Sacrificing an established band for an unknown group was a tough choice for Mikey, but he decided to take the opportunity when he realized that people were hungry for Birds'. They played their first show in a small bar, and the venue was packed out the door. This night was a game changer for them both.
It has been a long journey since that day, and countless trial and error has contributed to the groups' improvement. Members got replaced like seasons change, but that never stalled their drive towards achieving their goals. Nothing got in the way of Mikey and Petey. The brothers wanted nothing but professionalism.


Teo was born in Sophia, Bulgaria and raised in Denver. He started drumming at age eleven, and moved to New York City to obtain his bachelors degree for drum set performance from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.
Some of his private teachers include Amir Ziv (Droid, System Dialing Records), Curtis Macdonald, Al Hood (Phil Collins Big Band), Mike Marlier (Lamont School of Music), Hal Galper, Jane Ira Bloom, David F. Gibson, and Shawn Pelton of the SNL band.
Seeking to expand on both drum performance and audio engineering, Teo has studied closely with Pelton and Macdonald to develop mic placement techniques using a studio console, and mixing. Some of his biggest influences are studio drummers like Jeff Porcaro, Steve Gadd, Steve Jordan, Bernard Purdie, Ash Soan, and Matt Chamberlain.
Petey and Teo started talking through some mutual friends on Facebook, and that quickly led to a studio session....and then another. The Condoleon brothers loved Teo's drumming, work ethic and his input on the music they created together. In the span of a few months, not only did they rehearse on a weekly basis, and record eleven songs for release, they also became good friends .
The band has recently started playing shows again, and are in the production process for their newest album.