The Floorwalkers
Rumba Cafe
December 22, 2018


Rumba Cafe
2507 Summit St, Columbus, OH, 43202, US


Saturday, December 22, 2018
9:00 PM

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The Floorwalkers Biography

The Floorwalkers rose like all things, from humble beginnings. Organically formed from the mitosis of the local music shop's guitar ensemble, Kerry Henderson and Benjamin Meinhold, along with others, began playing independently, creating their own styles and sounds soon to grace the local ears in the quaint town of Chardon, Ohio. Quickly growing in seriousness they took up the name Money for Gyros, adopted the personality and angelic voice of Jonathan Elliott, and brought in the inventive rhythmic sensibilities of Mr. Thomas Lasky. Playing for hours on end in the basements and garages of their homes, MFG, as they were lovingly referred to, began gigging professionally in the many venues around the Cleveland area. But it wasn't until MFG was asked to record on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus that they met some of Cleveland's finest ears and minds in today's music. Theo Perry(Active),Chris Coles, Kenny Perry, and Terrence Farmer began performing and recording with the boys thereafter. In 2004, however, MFG underwent their most important metamorphosis to date when they relocated to the flatlands of the collegiatly rich capital of our great state. Fostering their name from a phrase in Hunter S. Thompson's book, Fear and Loathing in LasVegas , Money for Gyros became The Floorwalkers. Playing largely as an acoustic act for a year or so, The Floorwalkers quickly grew in popularity and notoriety playing house parties, college functions and local venues. More recently though, it is becoming well known of The Floorwalkers' immense love and live energy on the electric stage. Here we shall soon seen the full potential of these talented young artists manifest into something wondrous and revolutionary. So let us dance freely, open wide our ears, and keep our minds limber to the grooves of this new movement. with much love and kindness,-The Floorwalkers