Los Huracanes del Norte
Club De Leones
November 30, 2018


Club De Leones
3077 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO, 80916, US


Friday, November 30, 2018
8:30 PM

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Los Huracanes del Norte Biography

Los Huracanes del Norte are a Mexican Norteño group, originally from Yahualica Jalisco Mexico but based out of San Jose, California, USA. They are one of the genre's most popular performers.
The group first formed under the name Los Cuatro del Norte in 1969 by three brothers and a fourth member; a fourth brother joined in 1972. Their debut record was released in 1973; they scored their first gold record in 1978. With the growth of their success they toured regularly through the U.S., Mexico, and Central America. They continued to release charting records into the 2000s. Los Huracanes del Norte have released over 900 songs.

Heraclio "Rocky" García - Electric Bass, vocals,
Jesús "Chuy" García - Accordion, vocals,
Guadalupe "Lupillo" García - Saxophone, Accordion, vocals,
Francisco "Pancho" García - Bajo Sexto, Vocals,
Antonio H. "El Güero" García - Drums,
Jose Luis "El Chapete" Mejía - Accordion, Vocals,
Roberto Herlacio "Rocky Jr." García. - Bajo Sexto, vocalss,

Former Members:
Alejandro "Wico" Lopez - Drums (1972-2001),
Asunción Rubalcava - Drums, Percussion (1969-1984),

Other Members:
Francisco "Panchon" Fellove - Saxophone, Trumpet (Finished In 2005),
Jaime "Jaimito" Garcia - Bariton Saxophone, Electric Bass