Keely Sibilia
Kung Fu Necktie
November 30, 2018


Kung Fu Necktie
1248 N Front Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19125, US


Friday, November 30, 2018
8:00 PM

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Keely Sibilia Biography

My name is Keely Sibilia, and my objective as an artist is to create music and have it affect others. Life surely has its ups and downs as everyone has experienced, but I believe music stands as a constant relief in the meantime and has the ultimate power to purely make things better. If my music ever gets the chance to make one feel better, than I know I did something right.

I am a recent graduate from Philadelphia's, University of the Arts, leaving with a Bachelors of Music degree in vocal performance. I plan to spend the next year focusing on getting my music out there and recording an EP which will also be released soon. In the meantime please feel free to like this page and listen to videos and recordings I happen to post. If you like what you hear, then I highly encourage you to share with the world! If you don't like what you hear, then go listen to Usher or something.

Thank you for your musical support and have a lovely day!