Sorry Sweetheart
Moon Room at Summit Music Hall
December 31, 2018


Moon Room at Summit Music Hall
1902 Blake St., Denver, CO, 80202, US


Monday, December 31, 2018
8:00 PM

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Sorry Sweetheart Biography

Sorry Sweetheart is Denver, Colorado's premiere ska-punk band boasting members from all walks of the alternative musical scale: ska, metalcore, jazz, hardcore and punk rock. Their music projects an inescapable lyricism and driving sense of forward momentum, captivating its listeners.

In their first release, Sorry Sweetheart debuted their EP "86'd From Everything" featuring the music video for the anthemic "Keep Lodo Off South Broadway." The song serves as a loving homage to their hometown hangouts, while also decrying its unfortunate gentrification. The collision of lowbrow joy and angst ridden fury resonates throughout the entirety of "86'd From Everything," featuring a fresh and unique blend of ska, hardcore, and pop-punk. The EP delivers a heartfelt message about the ups and downs of life.