Elliot and The Ghost
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2
January 10, 2019


Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2
196 Allen Street, New York, NY, 10002, US


Thursday, January 10, 2019
10:00 PM

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Elliot and The Ghost Biography

There are, almost, three bands named "The Ghost": 1- The Ghost were a British folk rock group formed in Birmingham in 1969. They released one album When You're Dead - One Second and two singles before singer Shirley Kent left the band to pursue a solo career. The group then changed its name to Resurrection but didn't record anything under this new name. 2- The Ghost are a postpunk/emo band hailing from Chicago, whose heartfelt and passionate songs have guaranteed them a cult following if not mainstream success. 2002's This Is A Hospital was followed in 2004 by This Pen Is A Weapon, and the band have toured with scene luminaries Hey Mercedes, Rise Against and Sparta. 3- The Ghost play a mix of electro-pop and indie rock, and are from the Faroese scene, but sing in English. The members are Filip Mortensen (vocals) and Urbanus Olsen. They are sparkling new! "The Ghost" is also the handle of one Stephen Walker, radio announcer on Melbourne's 3RRR. Stephen Walker and 3RRR 's relationship is special. Having devoted 21 years in some capacity to RRR, he has helped define the message and direction of the station that equally gives him the opportunity to demonstrate his passion for music, alternative culture and the community. During this time, he once held the official role as program manager for 14 years, while today he hosts the most subscribed to program on the station "The Skull Cave". Other shows he has hosted in the past include, "From the bunker", "Survival talkback" and "Ghost in the machine". His insatiable ears, eyes and mind teamed with his pre-occupation of global politics, make entertaining listening for his audiences. The shows' blend of honest reviews, intelligent discourse and unpredictable selection of music, inspire the listeners to broaden their minds. This is in stark contrast to mainstream media, where the exact opposite seems to be the objective. Previous occupations and pursuits have included stints as a farmer, secondary school teacher, youth worker, jewellery maker and a professional actor, although he loves most the ephemeral nature of spontaneous radio. He has exercised his extraordinary knowledge of music and artists by writing articles for "Rolling Stone" the ABC 'dig radio' and "The Beat" amongst others. He has interviewed Iggy Pop, Guns and Roses, Ozzie Osbourne, Alice Cooper, The Ramones, The Cramps, TISM and numerous other legends and nobodies.