Colfax Speed Queen
Hi Dive
December 22, 2018


Hi Dive
7 S. Broadway, Denver, CO, 80209, US


Saturday, December 22, 2018
8:00 PM

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Colfax Speed Queen Biography

Colfax may refer to:

Historical events
Colfax massacre, an 1873 incident in Colfax, Louisiana
Colfax County War in New Mexico in 1876 between settlers and the Santa Fe Ring
1958 Colfax, Wisconsin tornado outbreak which killed at least 28 people
People with the surname Colfax
Schuyler Colfax (1823-1885), politician and 17th Vice President of the United States
William Colfax (1756–1838), American soldier in the Revolutionary War
Places in North America
In Canada:
Colfax, Saskatchewan
In the United States:
Colfax, California
Colfax High School (California) in Colfax, California

Colfax, Illinois
Colfax, Indiana
Colfax, Iowa
Colfax, Louisiana
Colfax High School was consolidated into Grant High School in Dry Prong, Louisiana

Colfax, North Carolina
Colfax, North Dakota
Colfax, Washington
Colfax High School

Colfax (town), Wisconsin
Colfax, Wisconsin
Colfax High School (Wisconsin)
Colfax Railroad Museum

Other locations:
Colfax Oil Field, Grant Parish, Louisiana
Camp Colfax, military camp, Malheur County, Oregon
Colfax Peak, summit, Whatcom County, Washington
Colfax Avenue, a major east-west thoroughfare in Denver, Colorado
The Colfax, a 125-foot U.S. Coast Guard cutter (ship); transferred to the U.S. Navy in 1917 and served in the vicinity of Baltimore, Maryland during World War I; returned to the Coast Guard in 1919
Colfax (genus), a genus of beetles in the family Carabidae
Colfax Corporation, a U.S. company
See also
Colfax County (disambiguation)
Colfax Township (disambiguation)
Colefax Group