Silent Planet
New Cross Inn
November 27, 2018


New Cross Inn
323 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6AS, GB


Tuesday, November 27, 2018
7:00 PM

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Silent Planet Biography

Silent Planet is an American metalcore band from Los Angeles, California. The band is currently signed to Solid State Records. To date they have recorded two EPs and a full-length album.

Formation and Come Wind, Come Weather EP (2010−2012)
In 2012 the band recorded their first EP Come Wind, Come Weather in Atlanta, Georgia with producer Matt Goldman, which they released on May 15, 2012.
Afterwards, they toured with bands such as Becoming the Archetype, I, of Helix and Dayseeker and played at California Metalfest 2012.
lastsleep (1944-1946) EP (2012−2014)
On February 14, 2013 the band released the song "Tiny Hands (Au Revoir)", which tells the story of Marguerite Rouffanche, survivor of the Oradour-sur-Glane massacre on 10 June 1944.
They continued touring and played on the Scream the Prayer Tour with bands like Wolves at the Gate and Fit for a King.
On July 23, 2013 the band released the new song "Darkstrand (Hibakusha)", which, like "Tiny Hands (Au Revoir)", also tells the story of a World War II victim; this time the story is set in Japan just after the impact of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
On January 2, 2014 their five-track EP lastsleep (1944-1946), which is based on the stories of World War II victims, has been released. It contains the two songs released in 2013 along with a new song, "Wasteland (Vechnost)", and two instrumentals.
Later that year, they went on tour with bands such as Sleeping Giant, This or the Apocalypse, Phinehas, Those Who Fear, Lionfight and The Ongoing Concept.
The Night God Slept (2014−present)
On May 17, 2014 the band announced the completion of their upcoming album, which the band announced on July 13, 2014, to be released in fall 2014 through ″an artist-friendly record label who is allowing [them] to retain full creative control."
On September 14, 2014, the band announced the release date of their upcoming album to be November 11, 2014, on September 19 they dropped a hint pointing toward the new album name on their Facebook page, while on September 23, 2014 it was announced that their new album The Night God Slept would be released on November 10, 2014, through Solid State Records.
The band then released some new songs from their upcoming album to their Facebook page, starting with "XX (City Grave)" on September 30, followed by "Native Blood" on October 23, "firstwake" on November 2 and "Depths II" on November 5.
The band is currently on tour promoting their new album.