Area 11
The Fleece
February 25, 2019


The Fleece
12 St. Thomas Street, Bristol, BS1 6YY, GB


Monday, February 25, 2019
7:30 PM

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Area 11

Area 11 Biography

Area 11 is a "gaijin rock" band from Nottingham, England. The band currently consists of four members; Thomas "Sparkles*" Clarke, Alex Parvis, Jonathan Kogan and Leo Taylor. To date, they have released a number of singles, two EPs, and a studio album.

Area 11 consists of Sparkles*, Alex Parvis, Jonathan Kogan, and Leo Taylor. They formed in 2010 in Nottingham during what was described by band frontman Sparkles* as a "disastrous jam session". Founding members Sparkles*, Luke, and Alex then discovered their shared love of anime whilst watching Code Geass episode 22 "Blood Stained Euphy", from which they wrote their first song, Euphemia. Luke left the band in 2012.
In 2012, the band was discovered by UK YouTube broadcasting group The Yogscast. Band members Sparkles* and Alex Parvis were subsequently employed by the Yogscast as audio/video producers, and parts of their songs Euphemia and Vectors are used during and at the end of the Yogscast's content. The band is signed to the Yogscast Studios record label, which is run by Sparkles*. They were later commissioned by Namco Bandai Games to compose the song "GO!! Fighting Action Power" as the credits theme for their Bravoman web-series on ShiftyLook, and later "Wonder Wars" as the theme song for the Wonder Momo anime series. Sparkles* left The Yogscast in 2014
The name "Area 11" is a reference to the anime Code Geass, as Japan is referred to as Area 11 in the series, with its citizens referred to as Elevens, a name which has come to collectively describe Area 11 fans.
The majority of Area 11's songs are based on various anime, including Code Geass, Death Note, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Naruto, Elfen Lied, Bakuman and others. Other tracks are based off video games such as Minecraft and Dota 2. Another song, "Cassandra (pt II)" is based on a real person, who is thought to be an Area 11 member, playing the guitar, as stated by Sparkles* in this Tumblr post that she's the 5th member and plays guitar. Cassandra is also mentioned in System;Start, and may be the girl from the cover of "All the Lights in the Sky".
On 11 November 2013, the band's website, which had been shut for about a year, went live. A few weeks later, on 25 November 2013, the band released "Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill", their final single from All The Lights In The Sky. The single consists of a remastered version of "Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill" with fan vocals, a full version of Bosozoku Symphonic Movement 4 "All The Lights in The Sky", and an off-vocal version of "Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill". The single was released on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon.
On 2 November 2014, Area 11 released a new EP called Underline featuring three new songs: Are You Listening?, In The Blind, and Override [A].
From March to May 2015, Area 11 were in Italy writing their second unnamed album. They are currently recording it with a planned release of early 2016.
The band have dubbed their unique genre and style of music "Gaijin-Rock", a tongue-in-cheek phrase that translates from Japanese to English as "foreigner-rock". Their songs are based around Western rock and pop traditions, however they take influence from East Asian culture; in particular, they heavily referenced popular Japanese anime and manga most prominently in their debut album, All the Lights in the Sky.
Area 11 have toured four times in the UK and have one upcoming tour planned. Their first tour in beginning 3 September 2011 was the Zero tour, which they organised to release their new Blackline EP. On 20 July 2015 they toured again with the Ichi tour. 2 November 2014 they started the Ni tour, the first date being their adopted hometown of Bristol, the tour climaxing in a trip to Poole. Unfortunately, the band had to cancel their Northern Ireland and Ireland dates due to formatting issues. On 1 July 2015 Area 11 set off on the San Tour with support from Vukovi selling out headline shows and also supporting Enter Shikari for a one off show in Bristol. There upcoming tour called the Winter Tour will begin on 22 November 2015. Supports will include Myth City at all shows, and Yukovi, Signals, Everyday Sidekicks, and You Know the Drill at certain shows. The band's naming of tours (excluding the Winter Tour.) comes from Japanese numerals.