Dance Yourself Clean
Chop Suey
February 23, 2019


Chop Suey
1325 E Madison St, Seattle, WA, 98122, US


Saturday, February 23, 2019
9:00 PM

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Dance Yourself Clean Biography

"Dance Yourself Clean" is a no frills dance party that started in Seattle and has now expanded to Los Angeles and Portland. The idea behind DYC is to give music fans a place to dance and have fun that isn't a typical bottle service club or underground warehouse rave. The music is unpretentious yet not the monotonous top 40 hits played in most clubs on the west side. Patrons of DYC can be seen singing along on the dance floor, slow dancing to the latest Charlie XCX or jumping up and down to their favorite Daft Punk song. Anything goes at Dance Yourself Clean, all we ask is that you leave your expectations and inhibitions at the door, come in take a shot and get on the floor.

Albers says: "We're talking a dark room, loads of fog. In fact, we consciously use way too much fog. We love it. Fill a room full of fog, turn on some lasers, play some LCD Soundsystem and forget about everything else. No frills. We're not trying to impress anybody with gogo dancers or any fancy decor, that's what Vegas is for. For us, it's all about the music".