Mad Sin
Le Ferrailleur
January 11, 2019


Le Ferrailleur
Quai des Antilles, Nantes, FR


Friday, January 11, 2019
8:30 PM

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Mad Sin

Mad Sin Biography

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Mad Sin is a German psychobilly group that began in 1987. Their style is not "...constrained by the psychobilly tag but veers into punk, country and metal influences too."

Mad Sin, formed in 1987, have been inspired by horror punk and B-movie, with a theatrical style. Without abandoning the psycho-horror lyrical content, their musical arrangements have widened to incorporate other variables. That attitude blasts through Mad Sin's sped-up combination of rockabilly, punk, white-trash blues and tongue-in-cheek sarcasm.


Founded 1987 by Koefte De Ville, who had just dropped out of school, punk and rockabilly guitarist Stein and four-week-bass-playing Holly, they struggled around with the help of some friends, who organized gigs in several shady bars of Berlin. They played as street musicians in shopping malls, where they played rockabilly, country, and blues songs to get the tourist's money.

On April 23, 2010, Mad Sin released their eleventh album Burn and Rise on People Like You records.

Side Projects:
Köfte formed a side project called Dead Kings with members of Batmobile, Nekromantix, Klingonz & Milwaukee Wildmen. Holly, his brother, and Tex followed their Rockabilly roots and Dusty Gray and His Rough Riding Ramblers. Stein joined the United Swindlers with members of Frantic Flintstones and Ripmen. Peter Sandorff is a member of the psychobilly band Hola Ghost. Valle, Tex Morton and Andy Laaf are the "Berlin Three" of U.S. Bombs and One Man Army Drummer Chip Hanna in his Country/Americana project Chip Hanna & The Berlin Three which Chip started in 2006.


Koefte Deville (Birthname: Mourad Calvies) - Vocals,
Valle - Bass and Backing Vocals,
Ramon Mighty (Birthname: Ramon Sitoci) - Guitar,
Stein aka "Dr. Solido" (Birthname: Thorsten Hunaeus) - Guitar,
Andy Laaf- Drums,



"Köfte" de Ville


Ramon Sitoci


Other Members:
Hellvis - Backing Vocals,

Guest Members:
Tommy Gun - Drums,
Micha - Drums,
Nick 13 - Vocals,
Patricia Day - Vocals,
Lars Frederiksen - Vocals,
Hulk Hogan - Vocals ("Brrrother!")