February 8, 2019


Olav Ryes plass 11 , Olso, 0552, NO


Friday, February 8, 2019
8:00 PM

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TOMM¥ €A$H Biography

Tommy Cash (styled as TOMM¥ €A$H) is an Estonian rapper and conceptual artist, known for subversive and uncompromising music videos that transcend boundaries of sexuality, genres, and identity.

Early life and youth
Born in 1991, Tammemets is a mix of Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Kazakh descent; he self-identifies (per EPL) as first and foremost an Estonian, then East European in his soul, and as a Scandinavian in a CV. He grew up in a one-room flat not far from a soup kitchen in the Kopli subdistrict of Estonia's capital Tallinn. Kopli has a predominantly Russian-language population, and is known to be inhabited by comparatively less well-off people. In a 2013 interview, Tommy thought the subdistrict a ghetto, yet finds Kopli a superb place to live in. In a 2017 interview, he called the neighbourhood less harshly 'the Detroit side of town': "It was all tiny, rotting wooden houses and there was always a bad smell on the street. I swear I could spot a junkie from a kilometre and tell you exactly what drug he was on." Tomas did 'rather well' in school until the age of 15, when he began using cannabis, which 'ejected' him out of the school system. In his youth, or 'in the olden times', as per Timmy, he painted plenty of graffiti, often ran from the police, and sometimes got fined. He did not graduate secondary school; of that, he said that he had done the exams, but still has a few things left to do. In place of school, Tommy began painting and took up dancing.
In the Baltic dance scene, he is a known freestyle dancer with a very distinct style, using elements of popping, krumping and break-dancing.
In 2018, Cash released a clothing line that subversively imitates western styles with eastern elements and in-jokes.
Tommy's most recent singles have been released through the London record label PC Music, also home to Danny L Harle, felicita and Hannah Diamond.