Salvatore Adamo
Salle Pleyel
November 30, 2019


Salle Pleyel
252, Rue Du Fg St HonorÉ, Paris, 75008, FR


Saturday, November 30, 2019
8:00 PM

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Salvatore Adamo Biography

Salvatore may refer to:


1 People,
2 Other,
3 As a last name,
4 See also,

Salvatore Accardo (born 1941), Italian violin virtuoso and conductor,
Salvatore Adamo (born 1943), singer, composer,
Salvatore Allegra (1898-1993), Italian composer,
Salvatore Antibo (born 1962), Italian long-distance runner,
Salvatore "Tory" Belleci (born 1972), American filmmaker known for his role in MythBusters,
Salvatore Bettiol (born 1961), Italian long-distance runner,
Salvatore Bocchetti (born 1986), Italian football (soccer) defender,
Salvatore "Bill" Bonanno (1932-2008), son of Mafia boss Joseph Bonanno,
Salvatore Bruno (born 1979), Italian football (soccer) striker,
Salvatore Cassano (born 1945), fire chief of New York City, New York,
Salvatore Contorno (born 1946), former Mafioso and state witness,
Salvatore Cuffaro (born 1958), Italian politician,
Salvatore D'Aquila (1877-1928), New York City Mafia boss,
Salvatore da Horta (1520-1567), Spanish saint,
Salvatore Di Vittorio (born 1967), Italian composer and conductor,
Sully Erna (birth name Salvatore) (born 1968), American musician known for being lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Godsmack,
Salvatore Ferragamo (1898-1960), fashion designer,
Salvatore Giuliano (1922-1950),
Salvatore Giunta (born 1985), US Army staff sergeant and a recipient of the Medal of Honor,
Salvatore Greco (disambiguation),
Salvatore Inzerillo (1944-1981), Sicilian Mafioso,
Salvatore Lima (1928-1992), Italian politician,
Salvatore Lo Piccolo (born 1942), also known as the Baron (il Barone), Sicilian mafioso,
Salvatore Lucania (1897-1962), also known as Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano, Sicilian-American mafioso,
Salvatore Maranzano (1886-1931), Sicilian-American Mafioso,
Salvatore Massaro (Eddie Lang) (1902-1933), jazz guitarist,
Salvatore Mineo (1939-1976), actor,
Salvatore Montagna (born 1971) as of 2006, the reputed acting boss of the Bonanno crime family,
Salvatore Pappalardo (composer), Italian composer and conductor,
Salvatore Pincherle (1853-1936), Italian mathematician,
Salvatore Quasimodo (1901-1968), Italian author and poet,
Salvatore Riina (born 1930), Sicilian mafioso,
Sal Rinauro (born 1982), professional wrestler,
Salvatore Schillaci (born 1964), Italian football (soccer) player,
Salvatore Sirigu (born 1987), Italian football (soccer) player,
Salvatore Vasapolli (born 1955), photographer, artist,
Salvatore Viganò (1769-1821), Italian choreographer, dancer and composer,
Dominic Salvatore Gentile (1920−1951), United States Army Air Forces officer,
John Romita, Jr. (middle name Salvatore) (born 1956), comic artist,

San Salvatore (disambiguation),
"Salvatore" (Lana Del Rey song),
Salvatore, a character in the novel The Name of the Rose,
Salvatore Leone, one of the characters featured in video games of Grand Theft Auto (series),
Salvatore "Sal" Romano, Sterling Cooper's art director in the AMC dramatic television series Mad Men,
Salvatore "Sal" Paradise, protagonist in the novel On the Road by Jack Kerouac,

As a last name:
R. A. Salvatore (born 1959), fiction writer,
Chris Salvatore (born 1985), American actor, singer-songwriter, model,
Damon and Stefan Salvatore, vampires from The Vampire Diaries (novel series)