Gypsy Temple
Tractor Tavern
December 19, 2018


Tractor Tavern
5213 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA, 98107, US


Wednesday, December 19, 2018
8:00 PM

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Gypsy Temple

Gypsy Temple Biography

Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones has been playing and composing music and lyrics since he was literally three years old. His first recorded song "The Aliens Must Be Kind" was a hit at the Brookside Elementary Talent show when he was all of five years of age. Lavi-Jones has been going strong ever since. Starting with piano but quickly moving on to guitar, then bass, then drums, and eventually learning cello through his school's orchestra program, Lavi-Jones is Gypsy Temple's ring leader. He continues to play all these instruments like a pro. Lavi-Jones writes much of the music and lyrics for the group and often collaborates with his fellow core members. A diverse teen, Lavi-Jones is also a serious student and youth soccer player. He is proficient in Pro-Tools and Final Cut, having learned through experiences his in the studio. Lavi-Jones has also deep experience as an on air talent, actor, and has even been the teen spokesperson for a custom comic program with Marvel Comics that is slated to revitalize in 2016. His new music oriented online talk show, Real Talk, will start streaming broadcast on DICE TV in winter, 2015. Lavi-Jones' creativity in both writing and recording his original music added with performing live with a showmanship well beyond his years makes him unstoppable.
When Blaire Ziegenhagel first joined Gypsy Temple, she was skeptical. She was coming from a very solid classical cello world playing with the prestigious Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra (SYSO) where she continues to be a top member of the cello section and an active Intern in its youth program. Soon Ziegenhagel came to embrace the musical diversity that comes from playing both classical and rock music to the point where, like Lavi-Jones, she lives and breathes all aspects of her musicality. Ziegenhagel is an accomplished composer both for symphonic orchestra and film. A stellar student who is currently attending the University of Washington, Ziegenhagel embraces all things musical while keeping her head and her heart in both the classical and the rock and roll original music world. She has professional dedication and talent due to her intense work ethic. Few composers of any age can compose directly from the head to the pen (or computer) as Ziegenhagel. Ziegenhagel's best kept secret was let out of the bag when she composed an original score for her SYSO orchestra and even sang on stage. Ziegenhagel continues to surprise and amaze us. I mean, who even knew this serious cellist had it in her.
If boldness was all it took to be a successful musical artist then Hamoon Milaninia would already be leaps and bounds ahead of his peers. The reality is this stunning musician is incredibly talented on bass. Like his fellow Gypsy Temple members, Hamoon grew up in the Shorecrest public school music program and including time as a bassist in the Shorecrest High School jazz band. What sets him apart from many other bassists is his inherent sense of rhythm coupled with incredible technical skills way ahead of his time. As a the newest member of Gypsy Temple, Hamoon more than holds his own in terms of musicality. His sound on bass helps to define the sound of Gypsy Temple. His rock solid stage presence is the same emotional and emphatic showmanship of Lavi-Jones and Ziegenhagel. Hamoon may be the newest edition to the group but man, that guy can play.