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Willie Nelson

Abraham Chavez Theatre
1 Civic Center Plaza
El Paso, TX, 79901, US
Fri, Feb 15, 2019

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Abraham Chavez Theatre

1 Civic Center Plaza

El Paso, TX, 79901, US

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Kathy reviewed Willie Nelson
I've always loved Willie Nelson! I used to go to sleep every night to Always on My Mind on my light up record player! My Dad is probably the BIGGEST Willie fan I've ever met! He looks so much like him, he's been asked for his autograph more times than I can think of. Especially when we attend his concerts. It's truly amazing. His lifelong dream is to one day get to meet him, but I'm sure that list is miles long! I think Willie is a living legend, who is still remarkably talented , especially at his age. I love every movie he's been in, especially Red Headed Stranger. I will continue going to every show I can possibly go to. If there is a fan club I can join, please contact me at kathyxharris@gmail.com. I wish I could include a picture of my Dad holding a picture of Willie, it's really something to see! Kathy H. Arkansas
David reviewed Willie Nelson
I first saw Willie on Fremont street I think it was the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas back in the 70s. Every time he came I was there in Vegas. Retiring in 2008 I was very excited to be able to get tickets to a Concert Hall only 2-1/2 hours away. Upon getting into the room and on the way to get some food they broke the news THE CONCERT HAD BEEN CANCELED. Well my heart goes out to all especially Willie when I found out that Jody had passed. Willie 80 and I on the 9th will be 60. I just want all to know his music and his shows have been a great part of my life. I`d like to take him Fishing. daveit1@yahoo.com. Thanks Willie take care of your health I look forward to seeing you in Wendover next year. Dave
John reviewed Willie Nelson at Hertz Arena
I was disappointed. If Mr. Nelson's family and management intend to keep on trotting the living legend out in front of audiences until he drops, they need to start thinking about what they might do to make sure the 4,000 people who put down $60 to $90 per seat get their money's worth. Willie can still sing, but it's time to turn the volume on his guitar down, because he pretty much can't play it any more. There is no way his road crew does not know this, and yet they still subjected us to Mr. Nelson's declining skills with the guitar at the absolute loudest volume the PA could manage. Not smart. I don't care how Willie feels about it: I am the customer. Somebody needs to fix this. If the band had been allowed to compensate, we might have enjoyed the show.
I've Loved U, Willie for 40yrs. You picked up my bandana from the stage after ur concert was over, autographed it, then threw it straight into my hands from the stage last year at Nutty JERRY'S in Winnie, Tx. I will be at home tonight dreaming I was at the concert because I've been unable to get tickets for Nutty Jerry's tonight. Love You Willie. Edie edieharr72@gmail.com
Joanne reviewed Willie Nelson
love the preformers. of all willie neil and lucus. farm aid is for good things. But felt like we were herded like cattle in the statium. to much drinking also. drunks all over the place. i was there. loved it.